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When an amateur mod is more epic than Battlefield 2042

When an amateur mod is more epic than Battlefield 2042

There are really passionate people who manage to do wonderful things like the team of the mod Reality for Battlefield 3 of which here is the first trailer.

A team of 80 modders has worked tirelessly over the past seven years to create the ultimate Battlefield 3 experience that players have been craving, including enhanced visuals, new gameplay mechanics, and realistic destruction.

Battlefield 3 Ultimate

The mod in question is scheduled for the July 17, 2022 and the objective is clear:

Our fundamental goal is to create an immersive gameplay and a more realistic experience

So appearance points are deployed by the players themselves, rally points allow team-wide reappearances and squad leaders can deploy resources on FOBs such as mortars, TOW missile launchers, AA guns or even sandbags…

A mod that leaves nothing to chance

A VOIP (in-game communication) system has been added and it allows teammates to communicate on a dedicated channel and it gives squad leaders the ability to contact the HQ. There is also a proximity chat to talk to players whether they are friends or enemies… In short, multiplayer as we like it for this type of game. A Battlefield 3 even more user-friendly!

But where the modders do great is that they have redesigned Battlefield 3 with new visual effects, new physics, new textures, new models and a simpler user interface. The maps have also been revamped, with a total of five maps from the original game being revamped one for launch. There is even a new dynamic weather system that adds a 24-hour day/night cycle. To top it off, even the environmental destruction is more realistic.

Obviously all the weaponry has been redesigned especially in ballistics and visuals. Players must have Battlefield 3 and all its DLC to install Reality.

When an amateur mod is more epic than Battlefield 2042 Like

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