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Gates01, a tool for a total immersion like Ready Player One

Gates01, a tool for a total immersion like Ready Player One

Virtual reality is still in its infancy but we can already see what the future will be made of. Like with this tool created by StepVR.

The VR is living a real upheaval for a few years. Especially thanks to the support of companies at the cutting edge like the Chinese from STEPVR.

VR almost like Ready Player One

Spielberg’s film, Ready Player One is a bit of an ultimate dream of companies working for the development of the Metaverse. And the Gates01 tool allows to touch this goal. The Gates01 presents itself as a space of about 3 m². Its technology is based on a motion system that allows the user to run freely and perform various movements. A treadmill? Yes, but in VR.

The employees of STEPVR explain in the video above that the tool is able to restore the sense of vision, touch, smell (?) and balance in VR. It is the first time that the sense of smell would be used in this type of experience and it is intriguing.

Did you fix that space problem?

The problem is that for the time being this installation is quite bulky and that immediately makes it difficult to access in the home of most people. This is why a second version is in preparation with visibly 50% less bulk. Obligatory to democratize this type of VR.

Finally, the Gates01 does not have the defect of creating motion sickness, and that, it is particularly important for the most sensitive people to the VR. The Gates01 should be available in Asia, the Middle East and the West by October 2022.

Gates01, a tool for a total immersion like Ready Player One Like

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