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7 min of gameplay for SEGA’s open world, it’s sad

7 min of gameplay for SEGA's open world, it's sad

After the small teasing of a few seconds yesterday which revealed an extract of the open world gameplay of the next Sonic Frontiers, SEGA joins forces with the site IGN.com to reveal this time a complete 7 min sequence where we can finally see our blue hedgehog behaving in a totally open world. What is obvious is the very serious atmosphere that emerges from this title, at the antipodes of the previous Sonic games that we have been fed. It’s probably deliberate, but even the colorimetry seems a bit sad. If the feeling of freedom seems to be present, it’s hard not to see a totally empty world where Sonic seems to be alone in the world. Apart from enemies to eliminate and some seagulls that accompany him when he gains speed, Sonic moves according to the elements of the scenery that allow him to go faster. The grind on rails for example, bumpers, but also acceleration lanes are well present in the game, and there will even be spotting towers to activate to open the game areas without doubt. The release date of Sonic Frontiers is still unclear, we just know that it will be released in the winter of 2022, but we are not safe from a shift to early 2023.

7 min of gameplay for SEGA's open world, it's sad Like

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