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Update Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Season of Oskoreia launched on video with a preview of the Tombs of the Fallen

Update Assassin's Creed Valhalla: Season of Oskoreia launched on video with a preview of the Tombs of the Fallen

Last week, a new roadmap of upcoming content fromAssassin’s Creed Valhalla was released, indicating that it is this Tuesday, November 9 that an update 1.4 would add an unprecedented activity called Tombs of the dead, while preparing the ground for the Oskoreia Party. Ubisoft now presents this last season of theYear 1 what the Oskoreia Season with a small trailer and via an article on its official website.

To enjoy, you will need to download between 5 and 25 GB of data depending on your platform around 1:00 p.m. on Tuesday. On the content side, the event will take the basics of the previous ones by mixing quests and mini-games, with some new features, always asking us to farm tokens to then exchange them for rewards. The Tombs of the dead will finally be four in number, including one featuring architecture Isu, enough to attract the attention of fans of lore. Patch Notes for the Runes ofOdin, it seems that it is finally time to unravel their mystery! Three additional skills and various bug fixes are also on the program.

Harvest season marks the start of Odin’s Wild Hunt. In this supernatural tradition, the spirits of the dead rise up and mercilessly hunt down the weak among the living. Protect your colony from this terrible threat by proving that the Raven clan is no easy prey. During this limited-time free event, you’ll find new activities and quests, meet a strange stranger, and reap the rewards. Oskoreia’s Party will be available from November 11 to December 2.

* Progression conditions: To participate in the Oskoreia party, you must have reached England, completed one of the first two stories (Grantebridgescire or Ledecestrescire) and brought the colony to at least level 2.


Heavy fog covers Ravensthorpe. Some claim that this spectral shroud offers protection from the spirits of the Savage Hunt, but not everyone agrees. Either way, the festivities are in full swing! During Oskoreia’s Feast, you will take part in three replayable activities: archery, horse riding and a new tournament against spirits.

Ravensthorpe has a new equestrian track and time is against you! Use your mounted archery skills to clear obstacles and hit targets that will grant you extra time. Each successful shot will allow you to stay in the race a little longer and hope to reach the finish line. If you finish with enough time left, you can get a Bronze, Silver, or Gold!

Oskoreia’s Tournament will throw you into the Veil. In this unreal realm you will have to fend off waves of spectral warriors in the shortest possible time. Face the diverse challenges that await you, from seasoned warriors to wild beasts and monsters, and unlock tougher levels to put your fighting skills to the test.

The archery competition is back, but in a modified form! Shoot down as many targets as possible to score points, but beware of friendly targetsbecause hitting them will hinder your progress and prevent you from getting the highest score!


The new quests in Oskoreia’s festivities will lead you to protect Ravensthorpe from evil spirits. Faced with such a threat, a strange newcomer, the Mad Monk, will help you in “Return”. After taking care of the Monk’s Towers, you will have the opportunity to practice your deductive skills in “An Honorable Death”. During this quest, you will have to solve the mystery of a warrior whose name is among those of the missing, but whom no one seems to remember.


Completing activities and quests will earn you tokens to spend at Norvid’s Stall, home to a host of terrifying items including the deadliest weapon ever, Hel’s scythe. It is also possible to spend the tokens on decorations for the colony as well as in new haircuts and beards bones that will surely inspire terror in your opponents. You can also get your hands on a set of tattoos and a new raven appearance.

Tombs of the dead

Those curious enough to answer the call of adventure will find the brand new Tombs of the Fallen. In these tombs full of enigmas, you will explore vast secret underground caverns where mysterious tales, stories and irresistible loot await. Use your parkour skills to progress through these dangerous tombs. Beware of traps and poisons! Observe and explore your surroundings and solve environmental puzzles to acquire forgotten treasures.

Scattered across England, these sprawling locations will be available as soon as the colony is unlocked, with no condition other than your ability to find them all. You will be able to visit these forgotten tombs for free from November 9.

Success or trophy hunters will be able to unlock two new ones, Speleologist and Cryptologist, by successfully completing one or three tombs of the deceased, respectively.

To finish, Ubisoft recalls thatAssassin’s Creed Valhalla to celebrate its first anniversary tomorrow, with several awards to come on Ubisoft Connect, namely 50 opals, a back tattoo and the one-handed sword Valravn greenhouse made with the Mentors Guild starting today, then a unicorn as a mount and a back tattoo featuring the license crest via a special challenge starting November 11. Finally, it is reminded that we will know more “soon” about theYear 2.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is still for sale on Amazon on consoles.

Update : the changelog of update 1.4 is now available in French on the following page.

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Update Assassin's Creed Valhalla: Season of Oskoreia launched on video with a preview of the Tombs of the Fallen Like

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