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Tomb Raider: gameplay, artwork and covers for the Ascension project

Tomb Raider: gameplay, artwork and covers for the Ascension project

Franchise tomb Raider currently celebrating its 25th anniversary, the editor Square Enix regularly shares alternative covers of the licensed games, but this time he decided to go even further by revealing information on Tomb Raider: Ascension, a title that never saw the light of day, and for good reason, it was the first concept of reboot from 2013, developed by Crystal Dynamics.

Several videos are available, including gameplay, with sequences under development all the same showing mechanics that were kept later, such as the arc or much more open environments. As a reminder, we had already been entitled to some images and gameplay from 2013, Lara croft could travel on horseback, which is not so surprising, the developers having been inspired by Shadow of the Colossus. But the English adventurer here had to face pretty scary monsters, giving a little side survival horror gambling. Finally, only the side survival remained and the flamethrower has also disappeared, too bad!

Square Enix has also shared other videos, to be found on the second page, showing the mechanics of gameplay in the process of being created, but above all from artworks of this Tomb Raider: Ascension, with a Lara croft that goes through different designs and NPCs who ultimately never saw the light of day. Some environments like bunkers in the jungle or on the coast are still in the final game of 2013. Finally, the last video reveals all a series of covers planned for the game, proof that it is in this direction that wanted to go Crystal Dynamics originally, again with a different appearance for Lara.

The rest, you know it, Tomb Raider: Ascension has become Tomb Raider period, the first part of a trilogy followed by Rise of the Tomb Raider and Shadow of the Tomb Raider, which you can find in Definitive Edition at € 19.99 on Amazon.

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