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The sublime Pokémon Arceus reveals more, pre-order bonus inside!

Yes, this Pokémon Legends Arceus should easily be able to claim the title of the most beautiful Pokémon video game in video game history! Moreover, its appearance close to a The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild is a huge asset, especially in order to welcome new players, not necessarily sensitive to the Pokémon “culture” initially. Also, a new trailer has just appeared as well as details on the content of the software and also, the pre-order offers.

Legends: Pokémon Arceus, book it early to get the freebies

Scheduled for January 28, 2022 on Nintendo Switch, obviously exclusively, Legends Pokémon Arceus promises to be grand and particularly ambitious. To the point of propelling the license to new heights? We hope. Because dusting off the game mechanics would not be a bad thing. However, contrary to what the first videos and images showed, this will not be a cut and paste of Zelda Breath of the Wild. Because even if the graphics are obviously inspired by it, it will not be a open world, like the title featuring Link.

Parenthesis closed, know that if you pre-order this Legends: Pokémon Arceus early enough, you will be able to benefit from the Caninos Set (Form of Hisui) for free, as well as the Cursing Mask. Pre-orders are also open at most resellers. Finally, here is the famous trailer mentioned in the introduction, as well as the original description, communicated by The Pokémon Company, during the week. Have fun and… stay connected!

Newly discovered forms of Hisui from Zorua and Zoroark

Zorua de Hisui

Category: Grudge-Fox Pokémon

Type: Normal / Specter

Size: 0.7m

Weight: 12.5 kg

A Ghost-type Pokémon resurrected by resentment

These Zorua migrated to the Hisui region after being driven out of their homelands by humans because of their strange illusions. However, they did not survive the harsh climate of the region or the conflicts with other endemic Pokémon. Moved by their resentment towards humans and Pokémon, their wandering souls then reincarnated as Ghost-type Pokémon.

It takes on the appearance of its targets and feeds on their dread

When Zorua de Hisui spots a lone person or Pokémon, it can take on its appearance before approaching it. Unlike the illusions of the Zorua already discovered, these imitations are created by the resentment that emanates from the very long fur of the Zorua of Hisui.

Zoroark of Hisui

Category: Cursed Pokémon

Type: Normal / Specter

Size: 1.6 m

Weight: 73.0 kg

Cursed illusions emitted by a voluminous mane

Zoroark’s resentment manifests itself in his long mane, which pains him terribly. This resentment projects appalling illusions that can inflict physical pain on Zoroark’s enemies by attacking them from both outside and inside. Moreover, the appalling expressions they display are so full of resentment towards every living being in this world that seeing them causes incurable insanity.

A surprising sensitive side

Hisui’s Zoroark is very hostile and aggressive towards humans and other Pokémon. However, he seems to show compassion towards those he cares about.

The sublime Pokémon Arceus reveals more, pre-order bonus inside! Like

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