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Project Cambria: a codename for the future high-end helmet from Meta (Facebook) coming in 2022

Project Cambria: a codename for the future high-end helmet from Meta (Facebook) coming in 2022

For several weeks, rumors had been rife about the next helmet. VR of Facebook (recently renamed Meta). Between a hypothetical “Quest Pro” or “Quest 3”, and increasingly insistent signals following the leak of four videos released last week, there was no shortage of speculation. The date of October 28, 2021 was therefore naturally checked in our diaries and we were impatiently awaiting the official information disclosed by Facebook during the conference Connect 2021 (which you can find in full here, with the kind translation of Eric de Brocart).

As is customary at Facebook, The brand’s new helmets are unveiled with a code name pending the revelation of the official name. This one is no exception and takes the name of Project Cambria. Clearly positioned in the high-end segment and embedding cutting-edge technologies, this headset will coexist with the current Oculus Quest 2, but will not be intended to replace it. Its price will also be in a higher range.

The short teaser broadcast during the conference confirms the sober and modern design seen in the leaks previous ones. We also find the ring-less motion controllers, which will surely be in favor of lightness and will prevent us from some unintentional blows to the helmet. Project Cambria will ship new type lenses Pancake like on the HTC VIVE Flow, unlike Fresnel lenses fitted to all virtual reality headsets on the market. This will allow it to offer a more compact front face by reducing the gap between the lenses and the screen. The strap appears to be of the “halo” type as on the Rift S where the PSVR, with a better weight distribution on the front and back, for better comfort. Among the on-board technologies, we will find eye tracking allowing eye tracking (and probably from foveated rendering in order to save graphic resources), as well as face tracking to capture facial movements and expressions in real time. These two technologies combined will make social interactions much more credible and realistic. Mark Zuckerberg seeking to capitalize on augmented reality and mixed reality for his metaverse, the headset will carry very high definition color cameras, for mixed reality experiences passthrough quality.

Mr Zuckerberg having been stingy on the subject, we unfortunately do not know more about the technical specificities of the Project Cambria. See you next year to find out more!

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Project Cambria: a codename for the future high-end helmet from Meta (Facebook) coming in 2022 Like

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