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of stock approaching and dated, an opportunity not to be missed!

Yes, Nintendo, like Sony with its PS5, is currently facing the shortage of components. Which directly impacting the production of the new Switch Model OLED. Indeed, the latter is regularly out of stock, all over the world. But Amazon’s website in France announces the arrival of stocks in a few days.

OLED switch: should we crack or… wait?

Recently, Amazon France updated the product sheet of the Switch Model OLED. Indeed, the latest addition to the Nintendo range of consoles is announced available from November 9th. Players wishing to obtain it, before the holidays, can therefore go to the site in question to reserve their copy. Which is, by the way, still offered at a promotional rate namely, 319.99 euros, instead of 349.99 euros. Or 30 euros saved.

So, should we jump on it or wait a little longer? It will all depend on your priorities and needs, especially as the holiday season approaches. Clearly, if you want to offer the OLED Switch and see it under your tree, it is better to anticipate and order it now. Because no one knows if more copies will be offered for sale by New Year’s Eve. A good ear …

of stock approaching and dated, an opportunity not to be missed! Like

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