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GTA Online adds karts to the race editor, robber bonuses, free t-shirt and more this week

GTA Online adds karts to the race editor, robber bonuses, free t-shirt and more this week

We are coming out of two weeks under the sign of Halloween in GTA Online. He now returns to one of his great loves, the robberies, by doubling the GTA $ and RP in the 5 original missions of the multiplayer mode and by offering the reason Fleeca Circuit for the Übermacht Cypher to those who will complete the heist of the Fleeca the coming days. It now also offers design custom races for karts Dinka Veto, for ever more madness during car confrontations.

Other than that, it’s classic, with a T-shirt Karin free for a simple connection before November 11, a Übermacht Cypher to be unlocked via the challenges of the auto show or the Lampadati Casco to win at the casino.

Heist Month kicks off with double rewards in all five original Heists

This is the best time of the year to hatch plans and rob a juicy target to double their earnings. Heists will be in the spotlight over the next four weeks in GTA Online, starting with those who launched the machine.

First, check out the planning board in your luxury apartment, then take part in the original GTA Online Heists to earn double the rewards: Fleeca Heist, Jail Break, Humane Lab Raid, Seed Capital, and the breakage of the Pacific Standard.

In addition to increased earnings, if you complete the final phases of Breaking Out, Raiding Humane Labs, Starting Capital and Pacific Standard Breaking, you will also receive the tidy sum of GTA $ 500,000 deposited into your Maze account. Bank no later than November 14.

Those who complete the Fleeca heist will receive the Fleeca Circuit motif for the Übermacht Cypher within 72 hours of logging in after November 15. Further details on how to get this car below.

Classic and modern Dinka Veto land in the race editor

Los Santos races are too regulated and not dangerous enough for your taste? The Race Editor now allows you to design, test and upload your own artwork for classic and modern Dinka Veto karts.

Make your wildest karting dreams come true by designing a hellish circuit right in downtown Los Santos, taking advantage of the variety of terrains offered by the Tataviam Mountains, or bringing any of your wacky ideas to life.

Motorized War Return, Ozone Capture, Close Protection and Special Vehicle Races

Get ready for the big leap: Motorized Warfare is making a strong comeback in GTA Online with double the GTA $ and RP up for grabs. Jump from the Cargobob by parachute and rush to the guns, because when you land, you will only have the bare minimum to survive. Decide where to land, find an elevated position, take cover and shoot on sight.

This week, you can also participate in Capture the Ozone and defend your area to the death, protect (or execute) a vulnerable target in Close Protection, or dominate the earth and the skies in the Special Vehicle Races reserved for the Deluxo.

GTA $ x2 for custom customer vehicles at the auto shop and exotic exports

It is crucial to maintain a facade for your less legal activities. Take your auto shop, for example: just because you’re preparing to rob the Union Depository, doesn’t mean you have to forget about customer deliveries and exotic export vehicles.

These missions will net you double the GTA $, so get the vehicles to their destination without scratching them.

Free Karin t-shirt for GTA Online players

If you’re the type to drool over catalogs of retro Japanese sedans, you’ll be happy to know that all players who log into GTA Online this week will receive the Karin T-Shirt for free.

The vehicles of the week rewarded by the LS auto show, to be tested on the test track, and on the podium

LS Auto Show members who finish in the top 4 of an LS Auto Show Events race 6 days in a row will win an Übermacht Cypher to modify as they see fit.

If all of these cars make you want to invest in one of the latest models on the market, then test the Annis ZR350, Karin Futo GTX and Karin Previon on the auto show test track. You can do a few laps or push them to their limits in a friendly rush or a time trial.

Also take a trip to the Diamond Casino & Hotel to spin the wheel of fortune. You could walk away with GTA $, RP, clothing, snacks, or a mystery reward. The big winners of the week will leave behind the wheel of a brand new Lampadati Casco, a car straight out of a bygone era. Ask any warm-blooded Italian what he thinks of Casco and he will inevitably respond with big gestures to spill his espresso doppio.


Don’t be afraid of the dark: go to Ammu-Nation to treat yourself to a pair of night vision goggles or try the night vision masks available in the Vespucci Film Masks aisle – they’re free this week.

In addition, take advantage of the bonuses of the heists of the week by investing in real estate: luxury apartments, as well as their renovations and modifications are at -40%.

You will also need equipment to succeed in your shots, which is why bulletproof protections are -50% and all weapons are -30% in Ammu-Nation stores. In addition, several vehicles and aircraft are on sale this week, including the armored Karin Kuruma. Discover the exhaustive list below.


-40% on Mammoth Hydra;
-40% on the Buckingham Valkyrie;
-40% on the Savage;
-40% on the HVY Insurgent pick-up;
-40% on the HVY Insurgent;
-40% on the 5-seater JoBuilt Velum;
-40% on the armed pick-up Karin;
-40% on the Karin Kuruma (armored).

Prime Gaming Bonuses and Benefits

Link your Rockstar Games Social Club and Prime Gaming accounts to receive a GTA $ 100,000 bonus just for playing GTA Online this week.

Prime Gaming subscribers will also receive the LCC Sanctus for free through the Southern San Andreas Super Autos site and enjoy exclusive promotions including -70% off Western Company Besra and the Z-Type Truffade until November 17th.

GTA Online adds karts to the race editor, robber bonuses, free t-shirt and more this week Like

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