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Grand Theft Auto Trilogy always sells better on Switch than PS5 / xbox!

Who said that Nintendo’s newest console, the Switch, was just a “kid’s” console? This one was probably not very interested in the hardware in question and its game library, which includes many mature games. And recently, it’s the famous Rockstar trilogy that rages on the machine of big N. Successfully, a priori, since Amazon sales place this version of Grand Theft Auto Trilogy in the lead.

Grand Theft Auto Trilogy: Reasons for Switch Success

As we already pointed out to you, Grand Theft Auto Trilogy was the number one pre-orderer (in France) on Nintendo Switch, compared to the PS5 / PS4 and Xbox Series versions. Well the trend observed at this time is confirmed a few days after the release of the trilogy in question on hybrid console. Indeed, Rockstar’s compilation remains in Amazon’s top 100 bestseller, far ahead of its competitors Playstation and Xbox. How to explain this phenomenon ? No doubt through the huge installed base of consoles, which will soon reach the 100 million mark.

But also, because of the more mature target desired by the Kyoto firm, something materializing by a significant presence of games for adults. World War Z, Dead by Daylight, The Witcher 3, Metro, Doom, Wolfenstein, etc. In addition, this is the very first time in history that a Nintendo-branded home console has not played host to the legendary GTA series. A battery of arguments that undoubtedly weighed in the balance, despite a visual rendering logically below that of new generation consoles.

What motivate Rockstar to propel GTA V on this console? We dare to dream of it …

Article published on 11/15/2021 at 6:49 am

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Grand Theft Auto Trilogy always sells better on Switch than PS5 / xbox! Like

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