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Fortnite: luxury winter skins from French brand Moncler soon to be added to the game

Fortnite: luxury winter skins from French brand Moncler soon to be added to the game

The wacky collaborations of Fortnite so much led him to offer content Naruto only clothes Balenciaga. This week, he announced that he was partnering with a new luxury brand, French and designed for winter sports, for a range of cosmetic items that breathe the mountain. Starting November 21 in the morning, from skins and customization elements Moncler will land in the game, for outfits and accessories inspired by the collection 6 Moncler 1017 Alyx 9SM imagined by Matthew Williams.

The result is stylish, and certainly expensive, even if the price is V-Bucks has not yet been officially released.

For those who are not afraid to aim for new heights. For those who do not give up on the ascent.

Whether you’re climbing the mountain near Catty Corner, building a tower, or reaching the peaks either way, watch your outfit transform. A new way to express your individuality arrives in Fortnite with the Moncler Classic set, based on the alpine spirit of the fashion label Moncler. Available in the Item Shop from November 21 at 1:00 a.m. (CET).


The Moncler Classic set includes the André and Renée outfits. Inspired by the 6 Moncler 1017 Alyx 9SM collection designed by Matthew Williams, these outfits celebrate both shadow and light. By selecting their basic responsive style, you will see their appearance change from light to shadow the higher you go. And on the way down, the shadow again gives way to the light!

If you are looking for gear suitable for mountaineering, the Moncler Classic set also includes:

Back Accessory Umbrella Holder – An umbrella ready for any glitches;
Umbrella Ax Pickaxe – It cuts more than powder;
Umbrella Wing Glider – In case of precipitation at high altitudes;
Fortnite Para-Pluie Glider, Umbra-Ax Pickaxe, and Umbra-tube Back Bling.

You can buy the Moncler Classic set items individually or in packs. The Moncler Classic pack contains the André and Renée outfits, while the Moncler Classic equipment pack offers the back accessory, the pickaxe and the glider. In addition, the Moncler Classic pack contains the All the way to the top loading screen.

You can prepare to lengthen the change by purchasing V-Bucks on

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