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Deathloop: improved interface and NPCs, new graphics options on PS5 and more with Update 2

Deathloop: improved interface and NPCs, new graphics options on PS5 and more with Update 2

Deathloop has already had a few minor technical innovations and many corrective measures thanks to a Update 1. Make way this week for the aptly named Update 2 which improves NPC reaction and movement as well as the clarity and appearance of the interface, brings options Depth of field and Motion blur on PS5 or customization of controls for all, and more.

the changelog full is available below, with bound to be a bunch of fixes in the bundle.


NPCs now react to bullets that pass near them, such as missed headshots.
NPCs now react when another is murdered nearby.
NPCs hear better and react faster to footsteps.
NPCs being shot no longer take cover if the player is too close.
NPCs can now infer the direction from which a grenade was thrown.
NPCs no longer stop trying to kill Colt if Julianna uses Nexus to bind him to them.
Interrupted aerial assassinations no longer make NPCs nearly invulnerable.
Numerous other fixes and minor improvements to NPC behavior, reactions, movement and positions.
Charlie Montague is no longer stuck in the ground if knocked back with Transposition.


Added customization of joystick controls and right and left joystick inversion.
UI Options menu buttons and text are now larger, along with their selection areas.
[PS5] Added Depth of Field and Motion Blur options We continue to monitor community feedback and explore other quality of life and accessibility options for a future update.


If Colt leaves the game, it now counts as a victory for a player controlled Julianna.
AI-controlled Julianna is more responsive to Colt’s actions.
The antenna Colt must hack to escape takes longer to hack.
Inactive players are targeted.
Colt players who stay in Colt’s tunnels too long are automatically targeted, and this opens the tunnel doors.
Improved chances of invading players on your friends list when playing in Online mode.
Strelak charges thrown by NPCs Julianna attacked no longer creates false Colt targets for Julianna.
Players now correctly hear the opposing player’s melee reactions.
Strelak charges now stick to Julianna like other NPCs.


The UI is now clearer about the loss of residue on death.
The appearance of weapons and other items is improved in the Gear UI.
ATH UI correctly displays key and command updates.
The game will pause completely during the end-of-game screen.
Melee is now displayed correctly on the weapon wheel with a controller (Y).
When using a sight, the pointer no longer disappears when the player is close enough to an NPC to assassinate them.
The Heirloom Pistol reticle now shows increased scatter from the Scatter perk.
[PC] Players will no longer have to confirm changes to visual settings if nothing has been changed.
[PC] Fixed an issue where the mouse wheel sensitivity was too reduced when zooming to see a weapon in the Gear UI.


Duplicate mod upgrades are now converted to an item full of Residuum to collect.
In Karl’s Bay, Harriet and her fanatics can no longer shoot Colt through the closed security door of his office.
Also at Karl’s Bay, a certain window in Hangar 2 has been restored to its intended function.
Strelak charges can no longer be thrown so that the player passes through doors or other surfaces.
Kicking a Strelak charge while it is “charging” no longer causes the charge to explode or subsequent charges to disappear when thrown.
Turret placement can no longer be used to allow the player to pass through doors and other surfaces.
Piratable antennas give clearer audiovisual feedback of their piracy status.
Fixed an issue where Colt could have two weapons in the same hand, or one weapon in the left hand instead of the right after Resume.
Fixed an issue where a weapon could sometimes no longer be reloaded if the player had switched to the same ammo type while reloading and then switched back to their original weapon.
Fixed an issue where the Hackamajig would sometimes not be able to be equipped automatically in a free hand when obtained.
Fixed an issue that could cause the player using Transpose to reach a ledge, triggering the Go Over Obstacles action and get the player stuck on the ledge instead of crossing it.
Fixed a case where 2-BIT interactions were not working as expected.
Fixed an issue where some hackable doors could not be opened if they were kicked during the hack.
It is now impossible for more than one turret to occupy the same space.
Fixed an issue that could trap the player if the large doors of Fia’s Bunker closed on him.


Fixed an issue where the player could remove the machete from their hand during the assassination animation.
Fixed some FSR integration issues and improved the whole implementation.
Fixed an issue where the player could remove a jammed weapon from their hand during the disengage animation.
Fixed bugs, including some that could cause crashes, related to DLSS and ray-tracing graphics options.
Fixed many small visual bugs, including some related to indirect light.
Fixed or improved many audio details and timings, including improving some dubbing lines.
Improved audio mixing throughout the game.
Fixed an issue where a graphical bug could occur when opening a door when a sensor closes it.
Turret indicator lights no longer work when the turret battery is destroyed.
Hostile / Friend indicator lights on Field Suppressors now match those on Turrets.
Fixed an issue where deactivated turrets would emit the same sound as if they were deployed when thrown or dropped.
Fixed an issue where, on rare occasions, closed doors appeared to be open.


Fixed an issue that allowed Julianna to receive duplicate charms.
Fixed an issue where the “General Tragedy” achievement could not be obtained correctly.
Fixed an issue that prevented Julianna from earning the Double Vision achievement by killing Colt by assassination while disguised as a Visionary with Masquerade.
Fixed an issue that allowed Julianna players to earn the Witch achievement even if they had used weapons.
Fixed an issue that added Colt’s kills to Julianna’s gunshot count for the “Pay no attention to me” achievement.


Fixed an issue that could cause the game to crash when using the Strelak Verso.
Fixed an issue that could cause the game to crash if Colt died at the start of a cutscene.
Fixed an issue where the game could sometimes stop responding when exiting the Journal.
[PC] Fixed an issue where the game could stop responding when passing keyboard commands to the controller, or vice versa.


Fixed an issue where the first weapon would drop when player Julianna picked up multiple weapons at once.
Fixed an issue where the mission and progress results screen could be skipped for player Julianna if they immediately went to Invasion matchmaking after breaking the loop as Colt and seeing the credits.
Fixed an issue where the “Failed to connect to server” message could remain on the screen after being resolved.
Fixed an issue where Julianna could spawn above the ground and had to fall briefly before she could move.
Fixed an issue where Karnesis’s visual effects, when used on an NPC, would not appear from Julianna’s point of view.

At this hour, Arkane has not yet planned to DLC or major extension for its Deathloop. It is available from € 62.99 on

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