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Among Us: cosmetic items, a Cosmicube system, 4 new roles and Achievements added in the latest update

Among Us: cosmetic items, a Cosmicube system, 4 new roles and Achievements added in the latest update

The success ofAmoug Us is no longer to prove, even if the hype is now well settled, but this does not prevent the developers ofInnersloth to continue to develop their game, currently available on Switch, PC and devices running Android and iOS. As promised last June via a roadmap, many additions have been made through version 2021.11.09, presented with great fanfare in a fun video and on the official website.

To begin with, it is therefore no less than 4 additional roles which will spice up the parties, three of them being reserved for crew members, while the last will be accessible as an impostor. Here again, it is possible to personalize them to adapt them to our desires.

Roles of crew members

Scientist : access your vital data at any time. Perform tasks to recharge your battery.
Engineer : Can use ducts.
Guardian angel : Throw a protective shield around the other crew members.

Role of impostor

Shapeshifter : Disguise yourself by transforming yourself into any other crew member.

The other big piece is the arrival of many cosmetic elements with all the economy that goes with it. So make way for Cosmicubes (Mira and Polus), which therefore contain various objects via a branching system, to be exchanged for the resources obtained by playing (the Beans) or paid with real money (Stars). Except that to open them, it will in all cases be necessary to play once activated by acquiring Pods (only available if a Cosmicube is active). Yes, it is a little twisted. Among the new cosmetics, we find visors and special name plates, also with hats, pets and skins. Of the’XP is also granted according to our achievements, leveling our character and giving him bonus multipliers to obtain Beans and Pods.

In order to allow worry-free play on various platforms in cross-play while taking advantage of this system, it is possible to link your account so you don’t lose anything. On the other hand, the Stars purchased on Switch cannot be used on another platform. Likewise, the Beans and Pods are not currently transferable from the Switch, but it will come. Some control changes have also taken place:

The action of the conduit is no longer linked to the main action button, you must press V (keyboard) or the right shoulder button (joystick).
Sabotage is no longer assigned to the primary action button. To access the sabotage card, imposters can simply open their card, using the Tab key (keyboard) or the left trigger (joystick).
If you have a special role, the action for that role can be accessed via the F key (keyboard) or the right trigger (joystick). This includes the Engineer’s ability related to ducts.

At last, from Success (Achievements) are available on platforms supporting this type of functionality (therefore not on Switch), the statistics being linked to them persisting between all devices if the account is correctly linked, the only constraint being to perform the final unlocking action on the correct medium.

Next month, the players Playstation and Xbox will finally be able to discover Among Us, which will even be entitled to physical editions. Various products related to the game world are for sale on Amazon.

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Among Us: cosmetic items, a Cosmicube system, 4 new roles and Achievements added in the latest update Like

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