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a video game worthy of the work of Marvel

Video game adaptations of films are not always happy. Although, generally, juicy license conversions like those of superheroes – Marvel and DC Comics – are subject to a minimum of unionism, to ensure fan-service. “Union minimum” is probably how we would describe the latest Matrvel game adapted from Eidos, Marvel’s Avengers for that matter. So inevitably, reluctance was required for this Guardian of the Galaxy (Guardians of the Galaxy) which we offer you the test, on the PS5 console.

Guardians of the Galaxy: Smart Choices

We have to believe that at Square Enix and Eidos, we learned from the mistakes after the release of the medium Marvel’s Avengers. And then, by choosing a license such as that of the Guardians of the Galaxy, the developers made sure to deal at the outset with an atypical, colorful world, dear to the hearts of comic / cinema fans and rich in references likely to talk to the players of yesteryear. And it is clear that this choice was at the very least judicious …

From the outset, those in their thirties / forties / fifties will appreciate the app’s prologue which puts us in the shoes of Starlord when he is only a teenager. That is to say, in a room from the 80s, rich in period objects and records, which gave pride of place to hard rock with some legendary groups like Kiss or Def Leppard. A short sequence, therefore, pad in hand, but which offers a significant dose of pleasure, with that feeling of having to do with a game that the developers have taken care of.

The humor of the films is intact …

Then the adventure begins in our team’s ship. With, again, a rather crisp sequence as we discover our hero’s space chamber and then, gradually, the other members of the team. The occasion for the first exchanges which have the merit of setting the tone. Yes, because the all-pervading humor in the movies is de rigueur in the game too, throughout the Advancement. And this is one of the great assets of the software … which has others, don’t worry!

More concretely, it is by playing Starlord that one immerses himself in the adventure with the possibility, depending on the mission, to obtain the help of his teammates but also to exploit their special abilities during combat. It’s this facet of the gameplay that also makes LGDLG a great title. First of all, the main character himself enjoys multiple attacks, normal and special, with the possibility of gradually unlocking new abilities as well as additional outfits. In addition to “group” skills, which can also be learned using experience points.

The additional costumes are one of the main attractions of the software, when it comes to replayability. At least, as long as you are a Guardian fan. On the progression side, the level-design is pretty well done but a few bugs, notably collision, make some phases a little muddled. As if the deadline had forced the developers to pass only a few test phases. Nothing too bad, though.

Guardians of the Galaxy are pretty good looking!

Visually, the worlds visited are generally very colorful, shimmering, with a graphic atmosphere really reminiscent of the first two films. Yes, it is very successful. Because, without shouting at the intergalactic graphic slap either, Guardians of the Galaxy offers a coating that is very pleasing to the eye, without ever tiring the retina. Nice work from Eidos Montreal, so far. Strictly speaking, on the superhero side, yes, it takes some adaptation time to get used to the portrayals of Starlord (who looks really little blond twink), Gamora or Drax. Finally, if the benchmark for you – this is our case – is that of motion pictures. On the other hand, you can imagine Groot and Rocket are quite faithful to the originals. And it is these two who constitute a good part of the valves uttered at length of progression. Crispy, if you’re an amateur of the genre …

Phases in the ship, pretty, but without real interest

In addition to advancing in third-person environments, ship phases requiring avoiding obstacles and other various shards are also on the program. Well, let’s be clear, these last shine especially by the spectacle offered. Because in terms of gameplay, we can not say that it is the foot. But, scattered sparingly, they offer a significant variety. Knowing that, regularly, “free” periods in the HQ (the ship) are offered, in order to discover the different rooms and rooms of the place of residence of our heroes. With different albums, posters, documents and accessories to discover. For fun, in short …

Gameplay, the highlight of the software

But let’s come back to the main aspect of the software, the gameplay. Because it is really during these phases of advance and / or fighting that we get our feet. Thus, it is split into two distinct parts. First, the progression side, punctuated by easily circumvented pitfalls. Including using the skills of one or the other of the heroes. For example, Groot has the ability to create points to join two ledges. For her part, Gamora uses her sword to shred or cut decorative elements. As Drax uses his strength to move huge blocks of stone.

Second facet, the fights, against bosses and other mini-bosses. Here again, Starlord hits the mark with his guns, which can be handled in a very intuitive way, alternating with his reactors and other abilities to be unlocked little by little. But our superhero would be nothing without his companions. Also, when their gauge allows them, Gamora, Rocket and co can launch a super-attack, on command of the “human” player. Fun and above all, very useful. In addition, during a confrontation, a “gathering” scene can take place. During the latter, by just answering the question asked (several answers are possible), you can re-motivate your troops to give them powers. A good idea even if we regret the somewhat redundant aspect, after two or three hours of play.

A few choices, to bind the team!

Here is the perfect transition to evoke this notion of choice since during the adventure, during the dialogues between the members of the team, Starlord has the possibility of answering questions, going in the direction -or not- of some of his companions. In theory, these choices are supposed to have consequences for the adventure. But concretely, that only seems to alter some future exchanges, as either character may hold a grudge against Starlord, pulling one of his answers in his teeth. Clearly, this is mainly used to fuel humorous exchanges, in our opinion.

Let us also mention the adversaries who are generally enduring (a fight against a boss can be quite long) but rarely insurmountable. So much so that one progresses rather easily in Guardians of the Galaxy, with the happiness of sometimes confronting gigantic creatures. And pretty damn good. Especially when it comes to Framerate, our Space Marvel also delivers. And then, with around 18 hours of straight-line lifespan, Guardians of the Galaxy captivates for a long time. Not to mention the outfits and abilities to unlock, even after the end.

Finally, how can we not tell you about the soundtrack of this Guardians of the Galaxy. Especially since it is possible to select the JukeBox in the ship, to listen as you see fit to songs from groups as legendary as Kiss, Depeche Mode, Tears For Fears, Europe, Blondie, Pat Benatar, A-Ha, Simple Minds, Culture Club, Rock Astley or even Frankie Goes To Hollywood! A delight…

Article published on 11/10/2021 at 10:53 am

a video game worthy of the work of Marvel Like

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